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NR0802:Zuce link between GMA, Garcillano

Mula sa Tanggapan ni Anakpawis Rep. Crispin BeltranNews Release August 2, 2005
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More Malacanang rank and file employees most likely in the know about GMA’s direct involvment in electoral fraud and jueteng; Zuce has everything to lose by coming forward

Anakpawis Representative Crispin Beltran today said former Malacanang employee Michaelangelo Zuce’s allegation that President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo assisted in organizing a meeting between the executive and various Comelec officials which resulted to the massive vote-rigging in the 2004 elections should be investigated, and Zuce put under immediate protection. He said that it was more than likely than more Malacanang employees –rank and file or with clerical or secretarial functions like Zuce – were in the know regarding the illegal and under-the-table negotiations between Palace ranking officials and Comelec executives as well gambling and jueteng lords.

“Zuce has everything to lose and nothing to gain by coming forward and exposing what he knows of the president’s illegal and underhanded activities.”he said. “His testimony now serves as the crucial link between Pres. Arroyo and Comelec Mindanao commissioner Virgilio Garcillano, as well as the alleged heads of the jueteng operations in the country. Malacanang and its various defenders will without doubt go out of their way to villify and discredit Zuce, but Zuce’s assertions have already done their damage.Without doubt there are more employees within the halls of Malacanang and in the Comelec who know what really took place. It would not be surprising if the presidential management staff (PMS) now led by Rigoberto Tigalo is conucting dialy loyalty checks on its members to ensure that nobody else does a Zuce,” he said.

The veteran labor leader said that Mrs. Arroyo should be compelled to face Zuce in a formal, legal setting, andt this venue, he said,is the impeachment trial. He said that there are now far too many witnesses pointing the finger at Mrs. Arroyo and asserting her guilt over various impeachable offenses ranging from corruption, electoral fraud, and grave abuse of authority.

“With all these witnesses cropping up like mushrooms after a damp and rainy day, it’s becoming even more necessary to conduct a trial against the President. It’s already a serious miscarriage of justice the way these testimonies are not being heard in a formal and legal setting. This is a cast-iron challenge for Mrs. Arroyo to face her accusers – she cannot continue issuing mere denials or casting aspertions on the opposition. She must face the charges being levelled against her because there is no way that all his will simply dry up and go away.”

Begin GMA impeachment process and prove there’s something to the supposed rule of law

Beltran said that now that the House of Representatives has approved the impeachment rules, lawmakers should no take a stand – ‘will they stand on the side of infamy and allow Mrs. Arroyo to continue her illegitimate and destructive admnistration of the country, or will they stand with the Filipino people and support the impeachment process?”

“Arroyo loyalists should put their pro-GMA bias for the meantime and think of what is best for the country and the people. All the surveys point out that majority of Filipinos want GMA to stand trial. The escalating political crisis will not let up so long as Mrs. Arroyo remains in power, and the longer the impeachment process is delayed, the greater the political tension will be. There is nothing standing between justice and Mrs. Arroyo but the signatures of lawmakers. Pro-Arroyo lawmakers keep saying that they are for the rule of law, well they should now prove this and support the impeachment process if they don’t agree with the Filipino people taking history in their own hands and ousting Pres. Arroyo via direct action and a popular uprising,” he said. #


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