Saturday, April 01, 2006

Update on Ka Bel's case before the Makati Regional Trial Court Branch 137

From the Office of Cong. Crispin Beltran

Update on Ka Bel's case before the Makati Regional Trial Court Branch

• Beltran's lawyers filed two motions: (1) the Motion to Release
pursuant to the Order of the MTC Judge in Quezon City in the case of
inciting to sedition; and (2) Supplemental Motion to be given
opportunity to refute the contents of the Affidavit of Jaime Fuentes
and to require the appearance of Fuentes before the Court for

• Last March 24, 2006, a hearing on the Supplemental Motion was held.
The DOJ prosecutors led by Senior State Prosecutor Emmanuel Velasco
attended the hearing. During the said hearing, Prosecutor Velasco was
given until March 29, 2006 within which to file his Comment on the
Motions filed by Beltran's lawyers; on the other hand, Beltran's
lawyers were required to submit a Memorandum. After the submission of
the Comments and Memorandum, the case will be submitted for

• Under the rules, the judge has 30 days or until April 2 (Sunday) to
resolve the Motion for Judicial Determination of Probable Cause. It is
expected that the judge will issue a resolution on this on April 2 (to
be received April 3).

In the meantime, the MTC has scheduled an arraignment in the Inciting
to Sedition case on April 3, 2006. Beltran's lawyers intend to file a
Motion to Quash the information before the scheduled arraignment.


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