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Reaction to expose of Jaime B. Fuentes as a military asset

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March 31, 2006

Reaction to expose of Jaime B. Fuentes as a military asset

The exposing of so-called 'star witness' Jaime B. Fuentes as a military asset points to the real conspiracy: that of the Arroyo government's conspiracy to suppress legitimate and progressive party list organizations such as Anakpawis, Bayan Muna, and Gabriela, Anakpawis officials and Cong. Crispin Beltran's supporers from the Free Ka Bel Movement said.

"Mr. Fuentes has a lot of explaining to do, for all the trouble and hardship he has caused me and my husband (Ka Bel) for his accusations," an infuriated Mrs. Rosario Beltran, Cong. Beltran's spouse and a convenor of the Free Ka Bel Movement, said.

"This expose only underscores that there is nothing credible in the charges of rebellion being dumped against Ka Bel, false charges which were used to keep him illegally in prison for thrity-four (34) days now," Dennis Maga, Spokesperson of the Free Ka Bel Movement (FKBM) said.

"The fact that the same 'star witness' that the DoJ is hinging its case against Ka Bel belongs to a dubious group which has repeatedly harassed progressive party lists since 2004 is alone enough to cast a serious shadow of doubt on Fuentes' accusations," Maga said.

"Fuentes is finally unmasked as member of the Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD), which has been closely identified in the past with President Arroyo and the military in their efforts at political suppression of the progressive mass movement," Carmen Deunida, Anakpawis Vice-President and third party list nominee for Congress said.

"Not only has ANAD and its members started an unnecessary commotion at the opening day of the Citizens' Congress held last November, it has figured unsavorily in the state-condoned red-baiting against progressive party list organizations," Deunida said.

"During the 2004 electoral campaign season, we have suspected ANAD to be one of the groups disseminating anti-Anakpawis black propaganda throughout Metro Manila and in the provinces," Deunida said.

"The ANAD is also known to be publicly endorsed and supported by Pres. Arroyo.Was it not ANAD which was mentioned in the 'Hello Garci' tapes as one of the five party list groups mentioned in the conversations with Comelec Commissioner VIrgilio Garcillano? ," Deunida said.

"Pres. Arroyo should likewise explain once and for all what her real score with ANAD is. It's long obvious to everyone that ANAD was instrumental to the President as a front in the conspiracy to suppress Anakpawis and other party list organizations during the 2004 national elections. The fact that their name has cropped up again, in the wake of the Presidential Proclamation 1017 used as a pretext for the arrest and harassment of Ka Bel and the 'Batasan 5', only shows that there is more to this false accusation of rebellion.

"The real conspirators are in the Palace, not in the party lists," Deunida said. ###


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