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Charter Change to benefit GMA, not the Filipino people

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April 19, 2006

Charter Change to benefit GMA, not the Filipino people

Anti-GMA Pinoys in favour of Charter Change won't be riding the Cha-Cha train for long if they realize that this is only a scheme meant to entrench GMA and her cohorts in power, Anakpawis Congressman Crispin Beltran said today while in illegal detention at the Philippine National Police General Hospital (PNP-GH) in Camp Crame.

Beltran said this in reaction to the Pulse Asia survey conducted from February 14 to March 4, showing that 59 percent of Filipinos thought it would be best if the President resigned. 46 percent of these anti-GMA Filipinos wanted the 1987 Constitution changed. The Pulse Asia survey also indicted that only 12 percent of Filipinos want both Cha-Cha and GMA's stay as President.

"The Arroyo administration is taking anti-GMA Filipinos for a ride when it promises a better life through Charter Change. This is the most preposterous bluff I have heard lately," Beltran said.

"Sorry to have burst the bubbles of pro-Charter Change Filipinos, but the Charter Change peddled by the Arroyo administration wants is not the one that will bring salvation, peace, and security to the Filipino toiling masses. This time, Pres. Gloria Arroyo is using Charter Change for political expediency and personal gain, not for genuine pro-poor reforms," Beltran said.

Beltran said that Charter Change would only "shuffle the existing configurations of corrupt, anti-poor, and devious traditional politicians who perpetuate the existing oppressive system of governance".

"Charter Change will not necessarily change the welfare of the Filipino toiling masses for the better. There is no guarantee that the Arroyo-endorsed shift from a Presidential to a parliamentary system will result in pro-poor reforms and clean governance that many anti-GMA Filipinos aspire for," Beltran stressed.

"The shift in the forms of governance that Cha-Cha wants will not fundamentally change the rotten and corrupted state of governance we are fighting against. Nothing will change if the same corrupt, anti-poor, and anti-Filipino traditional politicians from the current Presidential system, such as Pres. Gloria Arroyo, are still the same ones lording it over the parliamentary system promised by Charter Change. Trash is still trash. Its still the same rotten pile of apples, no matter how differently one tries to package or market it. It might look good at first, but it will still leave a bad taste in the mouth," Beltran explained.

Beltran added that Charter Change would also "open the floodgates for more controversial and oppressive economic policies, particularly those concerning foreign involvement in the national economy".

"It is true that there are some provisions in the current Constitution that are in need of strengthening, such as provisions on the protection of national patrimony, sovereignty, and human rights. But these are definitely not the policy changes being railroaded by the Arroyo Cha-Cha train. In fact, the Consultative Commission in December 2005 proposed the lifting of protective provisions contained in Articles XII (National Economy and Patrimony) and XVI (General Provisions) that bar foreign nationals and corporations from participating in the exploration, development and utilization of natural resources, the operation of public utilities, the ownership of industrial or commercial land, educational institutions, mass media, and advertising," Beltran said.

"Before boarding the Cha-Cha train, I hope that all freedom-loving Filipinos take a long and strong look to the destination where it's headed: to a fatal precipice," Beltran said. ###


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