Sunday, April 16, 2006

PNP assigned loony to 'guard' Ka Bel?

News Release

April 11, 2006

PNP assigned loony to 'guard' Ka Bel?
Beltran's wife cries foul over weekend harassment

Would you entrust your elderly father to a police security who has seemingly lost his marbles?

The family of illegally-detained Anakpawis Congressman Crispin Beltran is alarmed over the presence of a seemingly maverick police security personnel who was assigned to watch over Ka Bel last weekend.

Last Saturday, a certain police personnel, identified only by Beltran's family as having the surname 'Toledo', acted strangely upon setting foot inside Beltran's quarters at the Room 1 of the PNP General Hospital.

The police arrived while Beltran and his wife were having breakfast.

"Alam mo, sa ibang bansa, [pinapatay na lang ang] ang matatatandang preso," the guard suddenly said.

The police also acted rudely and strangely, even interrupting a female guest who was inside the bathroom. "Pa-ihi nga," he reportedly said.

Family members went to the PNP authorities to complain about the presence of the suspicious guard. The latter was later relieved.

Beltran's wife, however, was not amused by the strange spectacle.

"We do not care whether he was stoned, drunk, dead tired, or simply incoherent. The fact is, he was armed and mentally unstable. He could have run amok inside the hospital, putting my husband's life¡½as well as that of many others¡½in clear danger," Beltran's wife Rosario Beltran said.

"We hope the PNP cleans up its act. This kind of verbal harassment, whether intentional or unintentional, should never happen again to any political detainee and his or her family," an irked Mrs. Beltran said.###


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