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Court okays Beltran's transfer to a private hospital

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April 18, 2006

Court okays Beltran's transfer to a private hospital
But denies Motion to Release and to attend Congress sessions

Freedom remains elusive for illegally-detained Anakpawis Congressman Crispin Beltran despite a recent court ruling permitting his transfer to a private hospital.

Yesterday, Judge Jenny Lind Aldecoa-Delorino of the the Makati Regional Trial Court (MRTC) Branch 137 issued a favourable resolution on the prayer to transfer Beltran to a private hospital with adequate facilities and doctors to address his medical problems, provided that the expense for such treatment and/or confinement shall be at Beltran's expense.

In the same resolution, however, Judge Aldecoa-Delorino, denied the Motion to Release Accused Crispin Beltran with Alternative Prayer to Allow Him to Attend Plenary Sessions and Committee Hearings of Congress and the alternative prayer to have Beltran placed under the protective custody of the House of Representatives. Beltran has been growing increasingly apprehensive about his forced absence from Congress sessions, as this severely limits his freedom to lobby for the passage of pro-labor legislation, such as the long-delayed House Bill 0345, which aims to legislate a P125 across-the-board nationwide wage hike for workers in the private sector.

The MRTC agreed that Beltran was in need of medical services and facilities beyond what the Philippine National Police General Hospital (PNP-GH) could provide. "The evidence presented by both sides establishes that [Beltran] indeed suffers from a serious, if not life-threatening, ailment considering his medical history and advanced age. To the mind of the Court, it is apparent that his present circumstances have a direct bearing on his health condition. Consequently, a more intensive examination by a cardiologist of his choice and comprehensive laboratory tests in a private hospital with more sophisticated facilities may be a means to arrest further deterioration of his cardiovascular condition and stabilize his general health and well-being," Judge Aldecoa-Delorino wrote.

For the implementation of the order, Judge Aldecoa-Delorino ordered Beltran's counsel, Atty. Romeo Capulong, to manifest within five (5) days from the receipt of the order, the (1) name and address of the private hospital located in Metro Manila, where Beltran will be brought for medical examination and treatment, (2) the nature of the medical examination, laboratory tests, and treatment to be conducted, (3) the date when the medical examination shall commence and the estimated length of confinement, and (4) the attending physicians.

The PNP previously demanded that Beltran be brought back to the PNP-GH after the completion of the required medical examinations. The MRTC, however, gave Beltran's doctors the discretion to set the time frame of Beltran's confinement.

"As to how long, if ever, he needs to be confined, that is better left to the expertise and recommendation of the cardiologist and other physicians who will attend to him. The period of his stay in a private hospital will no doubt help in stabilizing his health condition, for as observed by [PSupt Marjorie Hazel R. Comandao, M.D., Chief of the Neuro-Psychiatric Section of the PNPGH], his "present circumstances add to the emotional and psychological stress manifested as anxiety and anger which somehow affects his medical condition ," Judge Aldecoa-Delorino noted.

Beltran;s lawyers will be submitting the request indicating the hospital of his choice before Friday.

Beltran, meanwhile, expressed hopes that the court would also eventually dismiss the 'fabricated and utterly malicious' rebellion raps filed against him by the Department of Justice (DOJ).

"I hope the court will eventually dismiss these uncalled for and suppressive charges against me. The charges of rebellion and sedition were clearly drummed up by the DOJ and the PNP to illegally detain me in Camp Crame and unjustly harass my five other colleagues in Congress. These malicious and ill-supported charges will not hold water for long under the scrutiny of the law and of the genuine dispensers of justice," Beltran said. ###


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