Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The case against Satur is very weak; the charges against me are even weaker – Rep. Beltran

Wednesday , April 4, 2007

The case against Satur is very weak; the charges against me are even weaker – Rep. Beltran

"The government's case against Bayan Muna Representative Satur Ocampo was very weak; the charges against me are even weaker. The Supreme Court Justices who laid down the just and humane decision to allow Ka Satur Ocampo temporary liberty and set the tone for the possibility of the outright dismissal of all the charges agains him should also look into my case. I am most confident that they will find that the charges against me are false and all the supposed evidence and testimonies used to justify my illegal arrest are also fabricated."

This was the statement of Anakpawis Representative and political detainee Crispin Beltran a day after Ocampo was released.

Beltran appealed to the Supreme Court to assume juridistion over his case 'in the interest of justice and in accordance with the law because I have been unjustly detained for 14 months on the basis of a warrant that has long lapsed. The CIDG and the PNP used the same warrant the Marcos administration issued in 1982 for my arrest as well as the arrest of Kilusang Mayo Uno founding chairman Felixberto 'Ka Bert' Olalia. The illegal arrest alone is basis enough to throw out the case against me,' he said.

"In the interest of justice and in the spirit of upholding the law, the High Court should assume jurisdiction over my case by issuing a temporary restraining order on the two lower courts handling the sedition and rebellion cases against me and elevate my case. To say that the deliberations on my case are slow-moving is an understatement," he said.

Beltran said that his innocence of the charges can be easily and painlessly proven "If only the judicial bodies in charge of my case would listen, analyze the facts of the case objectively and without bias or even fear of repercussions from Malacanang and the DOJ," he said. "That the government and the courts assigned to my case continue to hold me in detention is quite blatantly a case of political repression. I appeal to the Supreme Court to uphold justice, protect my rights as a citizen and a lawmaker, and review the merits of the case and charges against me as well as the political motives and social circumstances that shaped them," he said.

It will be recalled Beltran was forcibly taken to Camp Crame February 25 last year without being presented a warrant prior to his arrest. He was questionby elements of the Criminal Investigation and Detention Group under the Office of the Anti-Organized Crime and Businessmen Concerns Division, a day after Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's declaration of a state of emergency via Proclamation 1017. Beltran, along with his wife Rosario and four other companions, were accosted by a certain Maj. Rene Corpuz and another unidentified person, both reportedly from the CIDG, at the gate of Francisco III Subdivision in Muzon, Bulacan. Both inviting officers did not present a warrant and were both in uniform and armed. Beltran and his group were escorted by two armed personnel in Rep. Beltran's van, followed by a black van bearing the plate number GRP-134, to Camp Crame.

Beltran's legal counsel Atty. Romeo T. Capulong has already presented incontrovertible evidence against the rebellion charge, challenging the charges as pure concoctions. He also said that Beltran's name was not mentioned in the supposed documents presented by the PNP in their complaint to the Department of Justice which in turn immediately prosecuted the case.

Atty. Capulong also presented evidence refuting accusations that Beltran attended the 10th Plenum of the Communist Party of the Philippines for six months from August 1992 to February 1993, including Beltran's planner of activities for 1992, and his passport issued in 1990 with an expiry date of 1995, emphasizing that the documents show that Beltran even logged in travels to Osaka, Japan and France during the supposed period of the plenum. It was also revealed that the day and time when Beltran was supposedly meeting with renegade members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines plotting against the Arroyo government, he was actually in the House of Representatives delivering a privileged speech.#


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