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0703: PNP's money better spent on health services instead of beautification, Ka Bel says

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July 3, 2006

PNP's money better spent on health services instead of beautification, Ka Bel says

Anakpawis Party List Representative Crispin Beltran added his voice to the chorus of disapproval of the PNP's beautification program, suggesting that the people's money was better spent on basic health care before beautification programs.

Beltran said he was "aghast upon learning that P1.3 million was spent on sidewalk rehabilitation alone and 16 million would be spent for the construction of the PNP Heritage Park alone, while the medical services and facilities in the PNP's very own General Hospital, located a stone's throw away, continues to deteriorate due to budgetary constraints" .

The 73-year old Beltran, who was diagnosed with hypertension and diabetes, and recovering from a minor stroke in 2005, was arrested and arbitrarily detained in the PNP's Custodial Center by the PNP-CIDG on February 25. After suffering from dangerously high blood pressure levels, he was confined in Room 1 of the PNP General Hospital inside Camp Crame for nearly two months from March 2 to April 26, 2006 .

"I was confined in Room 1, which the PNP ridiculously describes as a 'VIP room', but saw first-hand how lacking the services were even in such a place. Surely the conditions are far worse in the other wards," Beltran said.

"The PNP General Hospital is severely lacking in facilities, infrastructure, and services. Even the police personnel we talked to during our brief stay do not want to be confined there for fear of dying or deteriorating from the substandard medical system," Beltran said.

"The PNP leadership should tone down its delusions of grandeur and first focus on basic social services and needs of the police rank-and-file. This demonstration of misplaced priorities only reflects the government's misprioritization of the national budget, where money for basic social services for the people is being rechanneled away into ' pampapogi' non-essentials," Beltran opined.

"Of what use is a beautiful memorial park for the PNP's dead, when their living are slowly dying due to neglect and an inadequate medical system?," Beltran said.

As his health continued to deteriorate while in the PNP General Hospital, Beltran was finally allowed by the Makati Regional Trial Court to transfer to the Philippine Heart Center for Asia last April 26. ###


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