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0626: Beltran supports impeachment, says raps of authoritarianism will hound GMA even in Europe

From the Office of Anakpawis Representative Crispin B. Beltran
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June 26, 2006

As victim of PP 1017 political persecution:
Beltran endorses impeachment raps, says charges of authoritarianism will hound GMA even as she seeks support in Europe

As one of the primary victims of political persecution by the Arroyo administration, detained Anakpawis solon Crispin Beltran will be supporting the Citizens Impeachment Complaint as an endorser while his daughter Ofelia Balleta will be among the official complainants to the new impeachment charge.

Marking into his fourth month of detention by the PNP last June 25, Beltran said that "it was high time for the legitimate impeachment charges to be filed in Congress". Beltran was illegally arrested a day after the President's declaration of PP 1017 on February 24 and has been held by the PNP ever since.

Beltran is among the congressmen who will be affixing their signatures as endorsers of the impeachment complaint. Balleta, meanwhile, signed the document as an official complainant earlier this morning in protest against the Arroyo administration's continuing detention of Rep. Beltran.

"This new impeachment complaint is long overdue. President Gloria Arroyo should be subjected, once and for all, to thorough scrutiny for the acts of dictatorship, crimes against humanity, and graft and corruption she has allegedly committed while in office. I have personally been victimized by the President's political persecution, and have suffered greatly because of the injustices condoned by the Arroyo administration. My illegal arrest and arbitrary detention on trumped-up and ridiculous rebellion charges under her administration have violated with impunity my rights as a citizen and as a parliamentarian," Beltran said from his room at the Philippine Heart Center for Asia.

"GMA should face the impeachment complaint once and for all, point by point. If she really has nothing to hide, she should the impeachment complaint fairly and squarely instead of evading and running away from the issues raised against her. GMA will be adjudged guilty beyond reasonalbe doubt in the discerning eye of the public if she or her allies will again try to kill the impeachment initiative," Beltran said.

"Today's filing of the impeachment complaint will hound GMA even in Spain and Rome . The President and her large entourage of family members, boot-lickers, and syncophants will not escape international inquiry over the unresolved charges of graft and corruption, human rights violations, authoritarianism, and Constitutional violations against the Arroyo administration," Beltran said.

Beltran scores GMA Europe tour

Beltran, meanwhile, scored the President for "trying to deceive the international community and to European public officials by projecting herself as a benevolent and humane President".

"It's hypocritical, shameless, and pretentious of the President to flaunt her administration's abolition of the death penalty when she is also endorsing a bloody counter-insurgency offensive and doing nothing about the extra-judicial killings of activists nationwide," Beltran said.

"With the new impeachment complaint, GMA will be trailed by charges of authoritarianism and dictatorial rule even as she tries to deodorize her image before the European community. Even the stature of the Pope and their pilgrimage to Rome will not be enough to wash away her sins to the Filipino people and her crimes against democracy," Beltran said. ###


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