Monday, June 12, 2006

President acts more like a salivating appendage of imperialist globalization than a patriot

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June 12, 2006

President acts more like a salivating appendage of imperialist globalization than a patriot
Detained solons decries reversals of freedom, nat'l sovereignty
under GMA administration, dares President to withdraw Cha-Cha

Despite being unable to personally participate in the rallies and Independence Day rites this afternoon, detained Anakpawis Representative Crispin Beltran said that he was "one with the people in combatting the assaults against freedom and national sovereignty under the Arroyo administration".

Beltran, speaking from his room at the Philippine Heart Center, said that "President Arroyo has no moral, political, or historical ascendancy at all to lead any Independence Day rite, especially in light of her administration's blatant promoting of anti-Filipino Charter Change schemes and political repression".

"It's a sham kind of independence that the Arroyo administration is paying lip-service to today. She is reversing the gains for national freedom forged by Filipino revolutionaries and patriots by allowing foreign corporations to plunder our national patrimony, by allowing U.S. military troops to rampage Filipino lands and women with impunity, by forcing Filipinos to be exported abroad as cheap labor, and by promoting Constitutional changes that will only support more intervention by imperialist globalization in the local economy, politics, and patrimony," Beltran said.

"There is no protection of national sovereignty as far as the Arroyo's current economic framework is concerned. One can not even declare that there is 'freedom' in the sense of political freedom or civil and democratic rights today. More than half a thousand activists have been assassinated under the Arroyo Presidency, journalists are being killed with impunity, and rallies are being violently dispersed," Beltran said.

"Worse, the Arroyo administration has blatantly supported wars of imperialist aggression and intervention in other nations, even sending military support for the US war of terror in Iraq and elsewhere. It is ironic that the President of country that has fought over four centuries of Spanish, American, and Japanese colonialism is now supporting other similar wars of imperialist aggression today," Beltran said.

"If the President is really sincere on living the spirit of independence forged by previous generations of Filipinos, she should immediately withdraw her plans for changing the Constitution," Beltran said.

"I challenge her to withdraw her odious plans for Charter Change and to step down as well, considering that she has acted more like a salivating appendage of the Bush administration and imperialist globalization and a spineless middleman for foreign corporations than a patriot," Beltran said.

Beltran was among those illegally arrested and arbitrarily detained by the government shortly after Arroyo's declaration of Presidential Proclamation 1017 last February 24. He remains detained under heavy police custody at the Philippine Heart Center, on false and fabricated charges of inciting to rebellion. ###


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