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0626b: P25 wage hike still falls short of workers

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June 26, 2006

P25 wage hike still falls short of workers' needs¡½Beltran

Even first tranch of staggered P125 wage hike larger and wider in scope

Anakpawis Representative Crispin Beltran today said that "even as the P25 minimum wage increase for NCR-based workers was welcome at this point of the intensifying economic crisis, it would only amount to a drop in the bucket for Filipino workers who have been overburdened by rising prices of basic commodities".

Beltran said that workers have no choice but to accept the increase.

"Binabarat ang mga manggagawa ng regional wage boards. Bagamat hindi pa rin ito nakasasapat ang dagdag na P25.00 upang tugunan ng buo ang kanilang pangangailangan, hindi pa rin ito matatanggihan ng mga manggagawa dahil sa tindi ng krisis sa ekonomiya sa ilalim ng administrasyong Arroyo," Beltran said of the P25 wage hike for Metro Manila based workers.

Beltran, however, noted that the positive effects of the P25 pay hike "would be minimal in view of the escalating costs of basic goods and services" . He cited the weekly oil price hikes and the current poverty and inflation levels as factors which contributed to the lessening of the P25.00 pay hike's value. Beltran added that the pay hike set by the wage boards has yet to reach private-sector workers based outside the NCR, where poverty levels are higher.

"This initial wage hike of P25 should be without prejudice to the efforts to approve the House Bill (HB) 0345, which aims for a P125 legislated across-the-board nationwide wage hike for private-sector workers," Beltran said.

HB 0345 was approved on the second reading by the Lower House but has yet to undergo the third and final reading for its transmission to the Senate. The latest House version of the HB 345 stipulates that the P125 wage hike be given in three installments (of P45.00-P40.00-P40.00) from the years 2006 to 2008

Beltran asserted that a P125 legislated across-the-board nationwide wage hike was still best current poverty-alleviation measure for Filipino workers.

"Even the first tranch or installment of the HB 0345¡½which stipulates that an initial daily wage hike of P45.00 be given in October 2006¡½is still larger and wider in scope than the wage boards' P25.00 pay hike for NCR-based workers. The first installment of the P125 wage hike is still higher by P20.00, " Beltran stressed. ###


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