Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Reaction to Oakwood soldiers' statement dated February 13, 2006


February 13, 2006

*Reaction to Oakwood soldiers' statement dated **February 13, 2006** *

Anakpawis Rep. Crispin Beltran today reacted to the statement issued today
by Oakwood soldiers Captain Nathaniel Rabonza, First Lieutenant Lawrence San
Juan, First Lieutenant Sonny Sarmiento, First Lieutenant Patricio Bumidang,
saying that their just anger at the Arroyo administration was the same broad
sentiment among the Filipino toiling masses.

"The statement indicates the growing disenchantment of promising young and
patriotic soldiers with the excesses and rottenness of the Arroyo
administration. Their anger and observations at the Arroyo administration's
inability to bridge the glaring inequalities between the rich and the poor
in Philippine society has strong historical and material basis," Beltran

"This righteousness indignation against the Arroyo administration is the
same growing sentiment among the Filipino toiling masses: the workers and
peasants who still live in abject misery and hardship despite their
backbreaking labor and productivity, the national minorities who continue to
be dispossessed of lands by foreign mining corporations, the fisherfolk
whose livelihood is endangered by government-allowed foreign incursions into
Philippine waters, the urban poor whose homes are being demolished. The
toiling masses are the ones at the front lines who directly bear the brunt
and sufferings caused by the Arroyo Presidency's anti-Filipino economic
policies and despicable political games," Beltran said.

Beltran said that he would "not be surprised if in the coming months, more
patriotic officers, soldiers, and military rank-and-file finally realize how
rotten, corrupt, and anti-people the prevailing administration has become,
withdraw their support as the Oakwood soldiers did, and decide to join the
broad movement of the people calling for genuine social, economic, and
political reforms starting with the removal of Pres. Arroyo from the
Palace." ###


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