Friday, February 10, 2006

Cory-Estrada meeting is a positive development in the strengthening of the movement to oust GMA

FEBRUARY 9, 2006

Solon says Cory-Estrada meeting is a positive development in the
strengthening of the movement to oust GMA

Anakpawis Rep. Crispin Beltran said that the obviously cordial meeting
between former Presidents Corazon Aquino and Joseph Estrada was "a positive
development for it could lead to the strengthening of a broad and united
front that would possibly hasten Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's removal
from the Palace and make way for a transition governing council of all
progressive forces actively involved in GMA's ouster".

"Any positive development in the Aquino-Estrada meeting and the Drilon visit
is welcome for it will surely speed up the growing movement for the removal
of GMA," Beltran said.

The activist solon however clarified that "accepting mere constitutional
succession should not be an option if we are to hope for valid structural
reforms to alleviate the economic and political woes of the nation and not
just make a mere change in the head of state. Instead, the growing movement
to oust GMA can be united under the banner of a transition governing council
composed of opposition forces and people who are capable of representing the
interests of the masses," Beltran said.

"We should give participation to the toiling masses-the working class and
the peasantry who have been historically disenfranchised in the entire
process of state governance," he added.
In the last two changes in ppl power

"The Arroyo Presidency has proved itself incapable of doing anything that
will uplift the welfare of the Philippine working class, the peasantry,
national minorities, fisherfolk, and the urban poor.

"All of the surveys done since last year consistently point to the rising
incidence of severe hunger among the population (Social Weather Stations
yearend report for 2005), and painful scrimping on food, water, and other
essential items by every one out of three Filipinos (TNS Worldpanel). These
are among the problems spawned by the Arroyo Presidency that a transition
governing council will have to immediately address," Beltran said. #


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