Tuesday, January 24, 2006

NR2506: GMA's Cha-Cha PR drive promotes a sell-out Charter that will throw nat'l sovereignty, patrimony to the winds

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*News Release *
*January 25, 2006. *

*Arroyo-sponsored Cha-Cha PR drive promotes a sell-out and puppet
Constitution that will throw our national sovereignty and patrimony to the
winds, activist solon says *

* *

Anakpawis Representative Crispin Beltran said that the Arroyo-sponsored
Charter Change Advocacy Commission conceived during yesterday's Council of
State meet will only be promoting, in the next eight months, the "total
sell-out and puppetry of the basic law of the land towards foreign monopoly

"Through her Executive Order 495, Mrs. Arroyo has explicitly confirmed our
worst fears: the liberalization or the imminent and shameless sell-out of
the Philippine economy, sovereignty, and national patrimony is the bottom
line of Charter Change," he said.

"Look at the Charter that Arroyo and her allies want. The changes proposed
by both the House Committee on Constitutional Amendments and the
Consultative Commission shamelessly support the unhampered and full foreign
ownership of our finite natural resources, lands, public utilities, mass
media and advertising institutions, the entrenchment of US bases and troops,
and the granting of full economic and even political rights to foreigners,"
Beltran emphasized.

"It's a sell-out and puppet Constitution that Mrs. Arroyo is trying to
promote and pass," he said.

Beltran warned of the "drastic consequences if these clauses supporting full
liberalization, privatization, and deregulation are approved".
"Liberalization as an economic framework bodes drastic and tragic
consequences for the Filipino toiling masses. Since the Philippines embraced
globalization in 1995, the number of small and medium-scale enterprises that
closed shop or reduced their workforce has steadily increased. A total of
11,926 Filipino workers have been displaced and 527 local establishments
have closed or reduced their workforces annually as a result of
liberalization in 1995. Eight years later, in 2003, this number rose to
31,329 workers displaced and 2,604 establishments closed/reduced annually as
a continuing consequence of unrestricted foreign entry into the domestic
economy." Beltran noted.

"Foreign penetration on our small and medium scale enterprises will
eventually kill the domestic economy. The proposed 100% foreign ownership of
industries and lands will only result in temporary jobs and meager wages at
best. But these will pale in comparison to the tragic stifling of genuine
national industrialization, environmental conservation, labor rights, and
land reform that foreign penetration is sure to cause," he said .

"The surface shifts in political forms outlined in the proposed
Constitutional amendments will not resolve the long-seated and fundamental
problems of the Philippines: US and foreign monopoly control of our
political and economic processes, local elite dominance of our policy-making
bodies, and landlord control over the countryside," Beltran commented.

"Do not expect drastic reforms to result from this shuffling of political
sands that the Cha-Cha promises. The change in the current US-style
Presidential system to 'Pinoy-style' parliamentary form of government will
not change the bitter and historical anomaly that our country is still being
strangled by the deadly grip of the United States and its brown puppets. The
shift will still not change the basic fact that the composition and basic
framework of our policy-making bodies shall remain the same even in a
unicameral parliament," he said.

"Instead of scampering to institute a unicameral parliament and delete the
existing Constitutional protectionist provisions on national sovereignty and
patrimony. We should change the economic framework of liberalization
instead of the political forms that merely perpetuate and impose the
implementing guidelines for the overall economic thrust," Rep. Beltran

"We might as well have sold the Philippines to all interested foreign
companies if Arroyo's proposed Cha-Cha is approved," Rep. Beltran ended. ###


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