Wednesday, May 31, 2006

GMA gov't blaming anyone except itself for the killings of activists

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May 31, 2006

GMA gov't blaming anyone except itself for the killings of activists

Llamas' co-accused in rebellion case slams Palace, PNP diversionary tactics

A co-accused in the rebellion charges against assassinated peace talks adviser Sotero Llamas and illegally-detained solon Crispin Beltran today slammed the "Arroyo administration's diversionary tactics on the issue of extra-judicial killings of activists", saying that "GMA's cohorts are sowing all sorts of lies and intrigue to hide their culpability for the deaths of more than half a thousand activists and civilians" .

"The Palace and the military is now blaming anyone except themselves for the alarming extra-judicial killings of activists nationwide. The Arroyo administration is concocting all sorts of conspiracy theories involving the progressive and the revolutionary movement to cover up for their obvious accountability," said Rafael G. Baylosis, Anakpawis Party List Vice-Chairperson and Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) Vice-Chairperson for Political and External Affairs.

"The Palace, PNP, and AFP's far-fetched claims that the deaths may be due to an internal leftist purge or a left-right conspiracy are all atrocious concoctions and fabrications. These are just diversionary tactics to cover up for the traces of military involvement and the active direction of some high-ranking Palace officials in the killings," Baylosis stressed.

Baylosis emphasized that the "purpose of all the Arroyo administration's hand-washing and finger-pointing over the killings is to dilute and confuse the growing nationwide clamor for GMA's ouster from office".

"These theories that the AFP and Task Force Usig are floating are all diversionary tactics meant to sow intrigue inside the Left. By conveniently laying the blame on a non-existent communist purge or a fabricated Left-Right plot, the Palace is trying to pit the growing number of anti-GMA groups against each other. It is desperately trying to preempt the surging mass movement's clamor for her removal," Baylosis said.

"Another purpose of these diversionary tactics is to cover up for the dastardly crimes of the Arroyo government against activists. If you notice, the PNP and the AFP has conveniently omitted any talk of the deadly counter-insurgency plan 'Oplan Bantay Laya'. Only GMA and her cohorts have the motive or alibi to kill opposition and progressive leaders. Only the Arroyo administration has the means and resources to conduct an orchestrated killing spree of this scale and magnitude," Baylosis said.

Meanwhile, Anakpawis Rep. Crispin Beltran reiterated his apprehensions for Baylosis' safety and security, saying that "none other but the Palace should be blamed if anything bad happens to Rafael Baylosis ".

Apart from being Llamas'co-accused in the rebellion charge sheet, Baylosis was also a member and consultant to the reciprocal working committee on socioeconomic reforms for the peace talks. "Ka Teroy (Llamas' nickname) was our companion as a consultant to the social and economic reforms agenda from 2001 to 2002," Baylosis said.

Reference: Rafael G. Baylosis, Anakpawis Party List Vice-Chairperson


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