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Rep. Beltran's inquest this morning a brazen, malicious, and unforgivable mockery of the law

*From the Office of Anakpawis Representative Crispin B. Beltran *

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*February 27, 2006*

*Reference: Sammy Malunes, Anakpawis Spokesperson (0920-472-1865)*

*Rep. Beltran's inquest this morning a brazen, malicious, and unforgivable
mockery of the law, fellow legislators should castigate, condemn the lack of
due process *

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Anakpawis Rep. Crispin Beltran has been subjected to one of the most
treacherous, anti-democratic, and inutile 'legal processes' in today's new
inquest which relayed the charges of rebellion against him, Anakpawis
Spokesperson Sammy Malunes said.

Malunes condemned in the strongest terms the "treacherous and inhumane
treatment accorded by the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG)
of the Philippine National Police when it summoned Rep. Beltran out if his
cell supposedly for a much-needed medical check-up, but suddenly brought him
to the CIDG Conference Room for a new inquest this morning".

"Walang kaalam alam si Ka Bel sa nangyayari at walang binabanggit ang CIDG
kung ano talaga ang magaganap. Iyan ba ang ideya nila ng pagbibigay ng due
process sa aming kinatawan?," Malunes said.

At the inquest proper, rebellion and insurrection charges (violation of
Article 134 in relation to Article 135 of the Revised Penal Code) were filed
against at least 51 so-called 'leaders and promoters', including Anakpawis
Rep. Rafael Mariano, Gabriela Rep. Liza Maza, and Bayan Muna Reps. Satur
Ocampo, Teddy Casino, and Joel Virador. This was outlined in a letter from
Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management Acting Deputy Chair
Police Chief Superintendent Rodoelfo Mendoza, Jr to the Department of

Beltran's lead counsel Atty. Romeo Capulong was not issued a copy of
documents related to the charges prior to the new inquest. At the inquest
proper, the Department of Justice Prosecutor Emanuel Velasco of the
Department of Justice handed a ream of documents for Atty. Capulong to
examine for only 10 minutes before proceeding.

Malunes slammed the 'obviously-staged rush at which the charges were being
read to Ka Bel'. "Despite Atty. Capulong's objections to the move due to the
failure to note the dubious and illegal circumstances of Ka Bel's arrest
last February 24, Velasco refused to give any semblance of due process and
proceeded with the reading of the charges," Malunes related.

"This is a damning disregard of due process. Ka Bel was forced to be
transported to Camp Crame without a warrant. When the warrant was issued, it
was based on a 21-year old case filed in 1985, which was quashed long ago.
And the charge of inciting to sedition filed last Sunday is obviously
fabricated because Ka Bel never publicly spoke at the rally where he was
charged as having uttered seditious statements," Malunes said.

"Halatang-halata na scripted and pagkakahuli at pagsasampa ng mga kaso ng
rebelyon laban kay Ka Bel," Malunes said."Atty. Capulong is right is saying
that these inquests and arrests are a mockery of the law," he added.

Malunes also expressed fears for Rep. Beltran's health given the infuriating
circumstances. The 73-year old solon's blood pressure shot up to high of
180/120 during the heated arguments with Velasco during the inquest.

Malunes called on "Rep. Beltran's fellow legislators in Congress to
castigate and condemn the chronic lack of due process that has prevailed so
far in this case, and press for the immediate release of Rep. Beltran". "We
expect them to follow their conscience, and not party lines or politics,
this time," he said ,"and hope that they will realize what a grave and
unforgivable injustice the Arroyo administration has done to Rep. Beltran
and, now, Rep. Virador". ###


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