Monday, July 04, 2005

NR0704:Junk GMA, Junk EVAT

News Release
July 4, 2005
From the Office of Anakpawis Rep. Crispin Beltran

Beltran dares PGMA to battle High Court’s TRO against EVAT and hasten her own removal from office; says EVAT law should be repealed by Congress immediately

Anakpawis Representative Crispin Beltran today said that if President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo insists on making an appeal against the temporary restraining order the Supreme Court laid down against the expanded value-added tax law, her removal from office will be quicker. According to reports, Pres. Arroyo will defend the EVAT law before the SC as she is already under pressure from various business groups.

"It’s not just the corruption scandals or the massive electoral fraud issues that are hounding Pres. Arroyo or fueling the outrage of Filipinos demanding her ouster. What’s goading most Filipinos into speaking against Pres. Arroyo and joining the street protests are her administration’s relentless attacks against the economic welfare of the poor and working people. Even before the jueteng scandal and the controversial "Hello, Garci?" tapes were exposed, the call for Pres. Arroyo’s removal from office were already reverberating. Not only has Pres. Arroyo done nothing to substantially improve the livelihood and standards of living of Filipinos, but her policies such as the EVAT have worsened the situation," he said.

Beltran said that by all means Pres. Arroyo should demand for the reversal and lifting of the SC’s TRO against the new VAT law. "All the better for the widespread campaign geared towards removing her from power. She will only be affirming herself as a leader who has no qualms about siding with big business against the interests of the poor. All the more will Filipinos demanding her ouster- not only did she cheat at the polls, but she’s also extracting blood taxes from the poor," he said.

The veteran labor leader turned lawmaker said that he and fellow Anakpawis Rep. Rafael Mariano will immediately file a bill junking the EVAT law, and that they will convince the biggest number of solons to support it in lieu of an impeachment complaint. "At the least this will be a symbolic gesture denouncing the illegitimate and anti-people administration. At best, should this bill garner the support of at least 2/3 of the House members, it will be bill that will enable the scrapping of a virulently anti-poor measure."

"The law should never been passed anyway. It was based on fraudulent and twisted reasoning, aimed at pacifying foreign investors and creditors. There is no justifying the passage of such a measure as it severely attacks the already weakened economic constitution of most Filipino households. What is more, it’s been exposed that the president who so assiduously pushed for its passage never even had the moral or legal mandate to impose such a measure," he concluded.#


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