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Mula sa Tanggapan ni Anakpawis Rep. Crispin Beltran
News Release June 27, 2005
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Pres. Arroyo’s call for unity and denial of electoral
fraud too late and does not deserve to be met with
forgiveness and support

Anakpawis Representative Crispin Beltran today said
that President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s announcement
this evening that she is under no circumstances guilty
of electoral fraud in the May 2004 elections is too
late a denial.

“Her silence on the issue in the last three weeks has
cemented her guilt in the minds of most Filipinos who
have from the beginning been skeptical of her victory
in the last elections. The back-peddaling of her
spokespersons led by Sec. Ignacio Bunye has done
nothing to clear the doubts of the people as to who
the voices on the taped conversations are and what the
conversations revolved around.”

“The voice is hers, the command to implement massive
electoral fraud was hers, and the immediate punishment
commensurate to such a crime is her resignation.
Pres.Arroyo cannot ask for forgiveness neither does
she deserve it because she has not admitted her crime
and instead she, through her various spokespersons
such as Bunye and Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales has
issued threats against her critics and those who seek
the truth. Such deceit and arrogance in the highest
executive of the land is unacceptable: Pres. Arroyo
must step down. Her refusal to do so only exacerbates
her crimes against the Filipino people and further
worsens the severe economic crisis the country is
sufffering from.”

Beltran said that the basis of the demand for the
president’s resignation was a compund of economic and
political reasons. “She has been inutile in helping
Filipinos better their lives and instead her policies
have resulted to the worsening of economic conditions
of millions more. Under her administration, oil price
hikes have been a monthly reality, electricity rates
have almost doubled, and employment remains high. In
truth, electoral fraud, though a serious crime, is
nothing compared of the devastation she has wrought in
the economic lives and welfare of Filipinos.”

The veteran labor leader turned legislator said that
Filipinos will not be taken in by the president’s
attempts at issuing an apology and her call for unity.
“This is not a simple misdemeanor or a case of
misunderstanding between the Filipino people and the
president. This is an issue that’s rocking the very
foundations of the presidency and weakening the
already questionable system of elections in the
country. The only way Pres. Arroyo can even begin to
ask foregiveness is if she resigns from office


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