Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Abalos should coordinate with PPCR, clean election watchdogs on how to address massive fraud

Tuesday May 22, 2007

Abalos should coordinate with PPCR, clean election watchdogs on how to address massive fraud

Detained lawmaker Anakpawis Rep. Crispin Beltran today said expressed support for calls that the election results in Maguindanao be disregarded and that full-scale investigations be initiated into the numerous monitored reports of electoral fraud in the region.

Beltran said that Commission on Elections chairman Benjamin Abalos would do well to immediately get over his shock over the fraud reports and initiate decisive measures to address the problem. He said that the Comelec would do well to respond to the recommendations of its citizen arm the Pastoral Parish Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) on how to address the incidents of fraud, particularly those that involve the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and corrupt representatives of the Comelec.

"Chairman Abalos would do well to take swift and decisive action based on the recommendations of the PPCRV and other clean elections watchdogs. The electoral fraud campaign of the Macapagal-Arroyo administration is like a runaway train that must be immediately stopped, less it wreak even greater, irrevocable damage," he said.

"The vote fixing and tampering with other election paraphernalia and the actual elections results that happened in Maguindanao are certain to have taken place in many other places. Chairman Abalos should cooperate and coordinate with the independent clean election watchdogs on how the address the incidents of fraud. The findings of the various independent observers mission such as the People's International Observers Mission (IOM) would also prove highly instructive and provide a good starting point on where to conduct thorough investigations," he said.

Targetting Trillanes

In the meantime, Beltran said that there were more than sufficient indications pointing towards a master electoral fraud plan that's emanating directly from Malacanang and the National Security Council. "This is not a conspiracy theory but a actual truth. Massive fraud is being perpetrated against the progressive party-lists and the candidates of the Genuine Opposition, namely Antonio Trillanes, Alan Peter Cayetano and Aquilino Pimentel III. Malacanang and its fraud operatives have come out in full force to prevent these candidates who are highly outspoken against the corruption of the Macapagal-Arroyo administration from winning their rightful seats in the senate," he said.

"Already it's a devastating sign to the administration that Trillanes continues to assert supremacy in the senate race over majority of the candidates of Team Unity. A neophyte candidate who's incarcerated to boot is trouncing the long-toothed candidates of Team Unity. This is a deadly sign to the Arroyo administration. Trillanes has secured a strong following among the electorate because of his uncompromising position against the abuses and excesses of the incumbent president; something which cannot be said for his senior military co-candidate Gregorio Honasan," Beltran said.

"A victory for Trillanes, Cayetano and Pimentel III is without doubt something Malacanang is desperate to prevent. Despite the attacks against the votes of these young mavericks, the signs of doom are already clear for the administration," he said. #


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