Monday, April 23, 2007

Beltran reiterates intent to file motion for bail, demands immediate liberty even as his wife says they can only afford to pay P1,000 in bail money

Monday April 23, 2007

Beltran reiterates intent to file motion for bail, demands immediate liberty even as his wife says they can only afford to pay P1,000 in bail money

Anakpawis Representative and political detainee Crispin Beltran insisted that he and legal counsels have once before applied for his bail but has been turned down because the charges against him are said to be non-bailable.

"Neither the lower courts hearing my case nor the Department of Justice have acknowledged the evidence I and my lawyers have presented as proof of my innocence of the charges. The Macapagal-Arroyo government has no case against me because from the very beginning, my arrest my illegal, the warrant was fake, and the accusations fabricated and backed up with faulty arguments and full-blown lies. I was detained and I continue to be detained and denied my freedom and liberty because Malacanang and the Department of Justice are imposing pressure on the lower courts and stopping them from declaring that my arrest and detention constitute miscarriage of justice and a violation of countless laws," he said.

The activist lawmaker turned legislator said that Malacanang and its various spokespersons including Eduardo Ermita and Sergio Apostol are trying to make it appear that the government is in no way responsible for my arrest, "But who are they trying to fool? They known straight up that the government genuinely has no credible, believable case against me. All the evidence, all the testimonies against me are fake. The government is the once committing a serious, grievous and continuing crime against my person and my family by keeping me in detention."

Beltran said that that the Arroyo government should immediately drop all charges against him and have him released. "It has been almost 15 months since I was arrested and first detained. I have been previously denied bail. It's an outrage that the likes of Ermita and Apostol keep harping that I will most likely be denied bail yet against because I am guilty of rebellion. The government has proven nothing, and it will never be able to establish my guilt regarding its rebellion and sedition charges against me," he said.

"We will file a motion for bail, and I demand that the motion be granted and I be immediately released.

In the meantime, Rep. Beltran's wife Rosario Soto-Beltran scorned the idea of surrendering thousands of pesos in bail money, saying that they could ill afford it but can only afford to give P1,000 in bail money.

"Saan pa kami kukuha ng pampiyansa? Naubos na ang pera sa pambayad sa ospital – baon na kami sa utang sa Philippine Heart Center. Napaka-sahol ng ginagawa ng gobyerno sa asawa ko. Kami ang pinagbabayad sa pananatili niya sa PHC. Ngayon naman kung magpapyansa kami, baka ang ipataw ay P100,000 din o mas malaki pa. Mga P1,000 lang ang kaya naming ipampyansa. Mahirap lang kami, at ubos na ang pera dahil sa bayad sa ospital. Inosente si Ka Bel, sinungaling ang gobyerno at peke ang mga akusasyon laban sa kanya. Lahat ito ay paglapastangan sa karapatan niya, at hindi makakailang pruweba ng pampulitikang panunupil," she said.#


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