Sunday, August 21, 2005

NR0821:Solon appeals to Erap to resist GMA overtures

From the Office of Anakpawis Rep. Crispin Beltran
News Release August 21, 2005

Solon appeals to ex-president Estrada to refuse overtures from Macapagal-Arroyo; says Erap can begin to redeem self by standing firm against his corrupt predecessor

Anakpawis Representative Crispin Beltran today said that should President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo reconcile with ousted president Joseph Estrada and allow his release or secure any agreement with him that would lead to the latter’s illegal absolution and eventual release, her downfall will all the more be secured. He said that Macapagal-Arroyo is most likely the party angling to unite with her ousted predecessor in the desperate hope that the protests against will be significantly weakened.

“If she makes any illegal and immoral compromise with former president Estrada at this point, the remaining sectors of Philippine society who are still undecided will most certainly take action against her. It’s patently evident to everyone that the only reason why she would even consider reconciling with Estrada is because she wants to secure his support for her severely crippled administration,” he said. “One could say that Mrs. Arroyo is caught between a rock and a hard place – either way she loses.”

Beltran said that ex-president Estrada will never get the full forgiveness of the Filipino people if he cooperates with Arroyo. He said that the greatest service he could perform for the people right now given the circumstances is to continue opposing Macapagal-Arroyo and to not enter into compromise agreements with her government. He said that Estrada could begin to gain public absolution and perform penance by continuing his support for the protests against Mrs. Arroyo, and putting away any ulterior or self-serving motives. He appealed to the ex-president to take a strong political stand for the country and the people, and not compound his crimes against the nation by colluding with his infamous predecessor.

“Ex-president Estrada is now being given a good opportunity to make-up for the corruption he perpetrated while in office by taking the high moral ground and refusing all overtures from Macapagal-Arroyo,” he said.

Finally, the veteran labor leader turned lawmaker said that the hearings of the impeachment complaint against Mrs. Arroyo continues to gain ground despite all attempts of Arroyo allies to derail them. He said that public pressure and watchfulness make it difficult for Arroyo allies in the House to simply throw out the complaint or dismiss it on mere technicalities.

“There are no prejudicial issues on this matter that should be settled. The allies of the president are deliberately throwing roadblocks in the way of the impeachment complaint because they want to protect the executive. By doing so they are carving a niche of notoriety for themselves,” he said. Beltran said that the upcoming protests on Aug 23 are in direct condemnation of the delays in the Justice committee’s deliberations on the impeachment complaint, and a show of support for the solons pushing for the president’s impeachment. “If Congress summarily dismisses the impeachment complaint, the protests against Mrs. Arroyo will grown even bigger exponentially. To begin with, there is already widespread cynicism against the chances of the complaint prospering because of Arroyo allies’ machinations and underhanded moves to undermine it. This alone convinces Filipinos that the only true, sure way of removing the corrupt and illegitimate president from office is through another popular people’s uprising,” he said. #


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