Tuesday, October 26, 2004

NR1025: GMA Govt's political accomodation

Mula sa Tanggapan ni Anakpawis Rep. Crispin B. Beltran
News Release October 25, 2004
House of Representatives, South Wing Rm 602
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Solon echoes sentiments of government employees against GMA govt's
"double-standards" and "political accommodation" vis-à-vis streamlining on the
one hand; and creation of new offices on the other

Anakpawis Representative Crispin Beltran today said that the Gloria
Macapagal-Arroyo administration's relentless attacks against the job security
of government employees was creating a restiveness among the rank-and-file of
the bureaucracy. He said that more and more government employees have shed off
the last remaining shreds of loyalty to the government because of its plans to
implement massive retrenchment among the ranks of government employees.

Beltran pointed out that many government offices are slated for abolition,
privatization, mergers, transfer, reorganization and rationalization which
would result in the lay off of tens of thousands of employees. Almost on a
daily basis, Pres. Arroyo issues Executive Orders to implement these lay-offs,
most recent of which is EO 366 or the rationalization of the functions and
operations of the agencies under the Executive Branch of the government.
Recent estimates reveal that 300,000 to 420,000 government workers will be
affected by the administration's streamlining efforts.

"Government employees have every right and reason to become disloyal and
outraged at the government. While tenured rank and file employees are being
targeted for lay-off, early and forced retirement, the President is creating
new offices and appointing new officials," Beltran said.

Since July this year, eight (8) new offices were created with 10 new
cabinet-level positions appointed to wit: Office the Presidential Adviser on
Job Generation headed by former DA Secretary Luis Lorenzo Jr., Office of the
Cabinet Officer for Provincial Events - Conrado Limcaoco, Offcie of the
Political Adviser - Gabriel Claudio, Office of the Communications Director -
Silvestre Afable, Presidential Adviser on Revenue Enhancement or PARE - Narciso
Santiago and the Office for External Affairs - Eduardo Pamintuan (former NHA
General Manager).

New Presidential advisers and consultants were also appointed such as
Presidential Adviser for New Government Centers (Rodolfo del Rosario, former
Davao del Norte Governor), Presidential Adviser for Rural Electrification
(Francisco Silva, former NEA Chief), Pres'l. Adviser for Trade and Development
(Rodolfo Severino, former Sec. Gen. Of the ASEAN), Pres'l. Adviser for Region
VI (Raphael Coscolluela) and Pres'l. Assistant for Transport and Tricycle
Concerns (Ariel Lim).

Beltran echoed the sentiments of government employees that the Arroyo
Administration was shamelessly using "double standards" and being "political
accommodating to its allies" at the expense of the employees. "So much for the
fiscal crisis and the supposed depleted reserves of the bureaucracy. While
pushing for streamlining and austerity measures, the executive is creating new
offices and even allocating millions of funds for its operations to accommodate
individuals and groups who rallied behind her in the May 2004 elections," he

Beltran cited the new Office of External Affairs, which according to reports
duplicates the functions of other government agencies such as the Department of
Social Welfare and Development, the Department of Foreign Affairs and the
National Anti-Poverty Commission.

Beltran said that Pamintuan's underlings at the OEA have no credible backgrounds
to justify their new positions. These are the same people behind the Kasimbayan
and Pro-Gloria machinery- of the administration during the elections where
millions of government funds where diverted to."

The veteran labor leader also said that Jun Santiago's appointment as PARE
(Presidential Adviser on Revenue Enhancement) is also politically motivated.
PARE is the office created to supposedly help govt find ways to ease current
fiscal crisis". Santiago is the husband of Senator Miriam Santiago who defected
to the administration's ticket before the election and a kumpare of President
Arroyo who is Ninang to their adopted children.#


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